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About AdPro Media Solutions

AdPro Media Solutions was founded based on the desire to provide meaningful, cost-effective results to small and mid-sized business.

Founder and owner, Timothy Packard, began his career as a real estate appraiser in 1990 and in 1998, opened his own appraisal company. 10 years later, after the real estate market collapsed, the appraisal orders, which primarily came from the lending institutions, began to decrease significantly. Many appraisers at the time began to leave the industry as a result of limited work, declining fees, and increased regulation.

Timothy realized that he needed to start promoting his business and began learning as much as he could about digital marketing for business. After trying out the services of internet marketing companies and not seeing much result for the money he had spent, he decided to spend what he had left on digging deep into the world of digital marketing and learning how to apply successful strategies and techniques in promoting his business. It wasn’t long before he began to see real results as a reward for his efforts.

After having previously wasted a lot of money with internet marketing companies, he concluded that there seemed to be only two types of digital marketing companies out there. There were the companies that were more interested in collecting fees and not providing actual results and there were the companies that provided results, but at fees that made no economic sense, with a horrible return on investment.

This is when he realized that other businesses, primarily small to mid-sized, were experiencing the same frustrations that he had and saw an opportunity in this space to help others. It was then that the idea for AdPro Media Solutions was born.

Through his passion for designing and creating, his skills for problem-solving and his genuine desire to help others succeed, he set out to learn from the “best of the best” in the marketing industry. The process has been a long but immensely rewarding journey that has not only taught him the most effective marketing strategies available but has allowed him to meet and befriend some of the brightest marketing minds in the world. The connections he has made over the years has enabled him and his company to stay at the forefront of the latest techniques and strategies in marketing today as well as being among the earliest to adapt to the newest innovations as they become available.

Through results-based video marketing, effective social media marketing, precision targeting, graphic design and reputation management, AdPro Media Solutions has evolved to provide the most effective tools available for the success of your business.

Along with the power of digital marketing, Timothy learned that offline marketing (which tends to be ignored by most marketing companies these days) can still be a highly effective means for bringing companies more business. While some of the tried and true methods are still effective, AdPro Media Solutions has discovered, developed and crafted some of the most effective offline strategies available.

Over time, Timothy has hired the kind of people that share his vision as part of his hard working team. The team at AdPro Media Solutions believes that true fulfillment in their work comes from the success of those they serve.

We have a set of goals in mind for each of our clients. To help them to get noticed, expand their reach exponentially and to dominate their market space.

Our Guarantee: We will never work for anyone who is a considered a local competitor of any of our currently active clients. This would be a conflict of interest, and in our minds, unethical.

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